selecting entity does not show name and description

Hi all!

I have a small problem. When I select one of my entities in my 3D viewer, I do not get an infobox with the name and description. Cesium, however, can focus on the entity (see picture below), but does not show any information

I would like to get something like in this tutorial.

Basic set-up of my project:

  • I have a database of over 6 million buildings

  • I am serving this database through a WFS

This is how I insert my entities into the viewer after I get the WFS-response:

var geoJson = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);

building = ;

for (var f = 0; f < geoJson.features.length; f++) {

var build = geoJson.features[f];

var coor = ;

for (var i = 0; i < build.geometry.coordinates[0][0].length; i++) {

var xy = [build.geometry.coordinates[0][0][i][0], build.geometry.coordinates[0][0][i][1]];

xy = proj4(that._srs, ‘EPSG:4326’).forward(xy); // changing sris




var height = build.geometry.coordinates[0][0][0][2];


id : id,

name : "Building "+ id,

description : "This is building "+ id,

polygon : {

hierarchy : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArray(coor),

material : Cesium.Color.DARKORCHID.withAlpha(0.3),

outline : true,

outlineColor : Cesium.Color.BLACK,

extrudedHeight : height




Does anyone know what is going wrong?

Do I have to enable something, or am I inserting the entities into the viewer in a wrong way?

What kind of project are you working on? Your screenshot looks really neat!

I can’t figure out what would be causing your infobox problem. It is included in the viewer by default. Are there any error messages?

The only other thing I can think is that maybe it’s not appearing on your page correctly because of HTML and CSS issues.

Open the element inspector in your browser (ctrl+shift+i in chrome) and try to find the element with class=“cesium-infobox” and try to determine if it is being correctly positioned with CSS. It might be being positioned off-screen for some reason.

You can see if the Infobox is working by looking at the div with class=“cesium-infobox-title”. The text in that div should be the title of the entity you have clicked.

Let me know what you find and I can try to help fix whatever is going on.



Thanks for the compliment and the help Hannah!

Seems like I’ve been not so smart. At a certain point in time I disabled a couple of features when constructing my viewer (timeline, baseLayerPicker, etc.). Seems like I decided to disable the infoBox as well at that time and totally forgot about it. But your help pointed me in the right direction, since I had no class=“cesium-infobox”…

I can’t really say a lot about the project, since I’m an intern in a company. But I have to make a 3D-viewer for a big database of buildings…

Thanks again!

Oh okay, neat! Glad you were able to figure it out.
We love to feature cool projects on our website, so if you think that’s something your company might be interested in in the future let me know.