Selecting multiple entities while holding CTRL or SHIFT

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Not able to select entities while holding down shift or ctrl keys.

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I have logic to be able to select multiple entities while holding down ctrl and shift, but Cesium does not allow one to select an entity while holding down one of these keys. How can I override this?

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Cesium 1.7.1, Rel7, Firefox

Hi there,

When you set the input action with ScreenSpaceEventHandler.setInputAction, you can specify an optional modifier key, like the CTRL or SHIFT keys.



But I am trying to do that for selecting an entity, which has it's function already written in the Cesium source code. I think I figured out a way though, I'm going to try to do it with "picking" an object instead of "selecting" an entity.

Got it, picking should work! You can also remove an input event that was already registered with the Viewer with ScreenSpaceEventHandler.removeInputAction.