selectionIndicator stops working in 2D and 2.5D mode


when in 3D the selection indicator works just fine and show the data on a little box that opens on the right (everything is default)

However, when switching to 2D or 2.5D nothing seems to be selected.

How to overcome this.

I think I should say that once in 2D and 2.5D no feature is selected and as the result nothing is shown in the infoBox.
It works in 3D but not in those two modes. What is the solution?


Can you paste a code example? What kind of features are you trying to select? It’s a known issue that picking imagery features is broken in 2D and columbus view.



Here is the link to the webpage.

when you load a map, some polygons are shown. When I click on a certain polygon, the associated information to that polygons are shown. However, when I switch to 2D or 2.5D nothing seems to be selected.

I don't right any special code for selecting the features. It is the default selector and infobox widget.

It looks like the polygons are loaded as an ArcGIS imagery provider, is that correct?
If so, this is a known problem. We have an issue written up to fix it here: