Selection Picker


When I select a polyline and then select a different polyline the first disappears automatically.

I would like to control the selection of at least two polyline, which means to get the first selection stay and select a second one.

My questions:

  1. How can I get the selection Infobox to disappear only after the third selection or a different event?

  2. Get the event that 2 selections has been pressed?



Hello Kfir,

This functionality is not currently supported in Cesium. You would have to make changes to the Viewer code:

Right now, viewer.selectedEntity is used to control what populates the infobox. You would need to add a second variable to store the other selected polyline, update the left click handler to allow selecting two entities, and then change the _onTick function to display whatever you want to appear in the infobox.

For information about downloading the code base and building the code, read our build guide:



Thanks a lot Hannah.
I go over it.