(semi)transparent background-layer or globe

I would like to visualize features below the globe surface (e.g. pipelines). I wonder if it is possible currently.

After a lot of efforts I managed doing it by switching off the globe itself by using viewer.scene.globe.show = false;

But it would be nicer if I could play around with opacity by setting the baselayer’s alpha and/or the globe’s alpha to a value I choose.

If I set the viewer.imageryLayers.get(0).alpha = 0.5; then the layer becomes semi-transparent, but the globe is still visible with a default blue color. If I set the globe to transparent by viewer.scene.globe.baseColor = Cesium.Color.TRANSPARENT; then the baselayer forgets about transparency and becomes fully visible again.

Anyway, the features that are below the surface are not visible only if I completely turn off the globe itself.

Is there any elegant solution for that?




Have you seen the Cesium Ground-Push plugin? https://github.com/NICTA/cesium-groundpush-plugin

It sounds like that might add the functionality you are looking for.