Sensors plugin

Hi all
I worked in previous versions with SensorVolumeCollection add it to the scene primitives and than called addRectangularPyramid.

Now in version 1.0 with the sensors plugin, I can’t make it work.

what is the proper way to add RectangularPyramid to the scene ?


Hello you should see
Sensors were removed with version 1.0 and now they are a plug in

I saw it and tried to use it. The Example there is not clear enough.
I am looking for a more comprehensive example

I follow you. I couldn't reenable sensor with their explications even if they seem simples. Maybe we miss a stage

I initially removed the RectangularPyramidSensorVolume because rectangular sensors can be directly rendered with CustomSensorVolume. SensorVolumeCollection was removed because sensor volumes are primitives that can be added directly to the scene’s primitive collection.

I’ve updated the cesium-sensors repository with changes that re-add the RectangularPyramidSensorVolume class for convenience, and I added another example that demonstrates creating the sensor primitives directly via the API, rather than simply using CZML.