I recently noticed that some code that I previously had working (using the Cesium Sensors plugin to draw a few volumes on the globe) just stopped working. After doing some digging around it seems as if the issue is that the functionality required to use the original Sensors plugin was removed from Cesium after v1.2.

Are there any plans to reintroduce even basic sensor volumes back into the Cesium core? I know Sensors were kinda stripped out and are being touted as a feature for Cesium Pro but it would be nice to have at least something basic back in the regular version.

Hi David,

The sensors plugin reaches into some Cesium internals which changed. I don’t know the details of the change, but I imagine it would be reasonable enough for you to try to upgrade it to a more recent version of Cesium. The Cesium team at AGI is focused on more horizontal features in the short term as recently discussed.