Cesium Plugin not working

Hey using Cesium 1.36, Trying to use a plugin (cesium Sensors)and I realize the plugin may not be working and possibly deprecated but it does work on its own. After downloading the plugin if you run the node server included it works, but in my own cesium instance including the .js file in my html (assuming this is all i need to do) seems to break cesium..

1) Is that all i need to do to make the plugin work/ can i just move the minified js file and put it in my directory.

2) how can i get the cesium sensors to work, I have a czml file which i need the sensors for.

<script src="Build/Cesium/Cesium.js"></script>
<script src="Plugin/cesium-sensors-master/Build/CesiumSensors.js"></script>


Sorry, but the Cesium Sensors plugin is deprecated and no longer supported. You may have some luck using an older version of cesium.