sensorvolumecollection error

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I don’t understand why it gives error in the following snippet.7

error:Cesium.SensorVolumeCollection is not a constructor at

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var sensors = new Cesium.SensorVolumeCollection();

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The SensorVolumeCollection doesn’t appear to be a valid class. Did you see it in a code example somewhere? What version of CesiumJS are you using?

yes ı saw this link
my version of CesiumJS 1.58

Omar Shehata, 8 Tem 2019 Pzt, 16:30 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Looks like that version is about 5 years old at this point! I would make sure to reference the current documentation when debugging this:

The sensors/analytics have been moved into the ion SDK which you can currently get an enterprise license to use. We’re planning on adding it as part of the Cesium ion platform sometime soon so it’s available to more users.