Server-Side Rendering Cesium


I have a question about server-side rendering. We are creating a 3D city to the purpose of exhibition. In this case, we have some performance issues. I was wondering if it is possible to make these available to all people that do not have the necessary hardware on their devices. Is it possible to render Cesium app on the server side? Is there any simple way to do this?

Thanks all.

I’m afraid the question doesn’t really make sense conceptually.

Cesium is an interactive 3D globe tool, rendered with WebGL. It requires an HTML <canvas> tag, which then uses the client’s own 3D graphics capabilities to draw frames directly. This requires JS to create the WebGL context and do all the drawing.

“Server-side rendering” as a term normally refers to the process of generating HTML tags in a document and send them to the browser.

You could have the server write out a <canvas> tag, but that cannot do any of the 3D drawing itself.

Beyond that, what would the server “render” here even if it could actually spin up Cesium? A single static frame and send it back as an <img> tag? I suppose you could maybe do some kind of streaming video thing, but that would be a pretty huge undertaking.