Set EPSG of Pointcloud with Import

i have a Pointcloud with no EPSG defined, but i know it is EPSG:32633
When importing is is probably falling back to default (4326) and the position, scaling and anchor point is way off.
Is it possible to set the EPSG of Input Points with Pointcloud Import?


Welcome to the community.

To set the EPSG of the input points you must have the coordinate system embedded in the file. Currently, Cesium ion does not support specifying an coordinate system before tiling. This is a feature that we are considering for the future and appreciate your feedback.

Can you provide some additional information about your workflow?

  • What software was used to create this data?
  • Is the coordinate system of your data always defined by an EPSG coordinate system? Or do you sometimes use custom projections?

Currently you have two options for locating this point cloud:

  • Embed the coordinate system using a tool like las2las -
  • Provide data in a local coordinate system located near the origin. Then use the Adjust tileset location button in the Asset Details panel. This will allow you to set the location/rotation/scale of the data.

Thanks for the quick reply!

  • We use a legacy version of YellowScan Cloudstation (1.6.1) to export to las. It’s possible to set the coordinate system with export, but it seams there is some bug in Cloudstation, which leads to a missing/broken metadata.

  • Our data is mostly defined by EPSG coordinate systems

Will try to embed the coordinate system using las2las.