Set the max distance from the earth to see the objects.


As the title my question is what I have to set in Cesium to change the maximum distance of visibility of an object from Earth?

If i have a satellite for example and i try to zoom out just the distance of L1 point firstly the satellite disappears and then also the Earth.



Hello Gianmaria,

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Could you make a Sandcastle example to reproduce the problem you’re seeing?



I try to explain better:

This is what I see at the maximum distance:

An if i try zoom out just a little:

What i want is to see my object again.

Is there a way to not make them disappear?


This is controlled by the far plane of the view frustum, which is 500 million meters by default.

The frustum is accessible from the camera.

You may also want to set the model’s minimumPixelSize and maximumScale so that the model remains large enough to be visible at such distances.

@Scott Hunter

Exactly what I need!

Thank you so much!