I looked for answer in related questions but I'm wasn't lucky.

I have few questions:

1. Is there way to turn on shadows from different place than viewer.shadows?

I found that constructor of Cesium.Scene object have 'shadows' parameter but I want change state of shadows in realtime. Is there way to set it on Cesium.Scene object in realtime or somewhere else? I need diffrent place than 'viewer' to do this because I use OLCesium and I don't have access to 'viewer' (I have access to the scene for example).

I want set shadows for buildings (models).

2. Is there way to change current date/time from different place than viewer.clock?

It is similar question to question 1. I don't have access to 'viewer'. So I need other place to get access to clock if possible. I need this to change the Sun/light position.

3. Is viewer.scene.globe.shadows the same what viewer.terrainShadows?

Hi there,

scene.shadowMap can give you control of the shadows via the scene object. You should just be able to set the enabled property to false.

I don’t know of an easy way to access the clock without access to the viewer, but you should be able to get scene.sun.