show and hide entity

why the demo “show and hide entity” in the sandcastle doesn’t work? I have clicked the “Save as” button to saved in the path “Apps/Sandcastle/gallery/*.html”.However,it doesn’t work when click the “toggle button”.It seems that it only works in the sandcastle,why?


I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Can you give a little more detail? The file “Show or Hide Entities.html” will only run in Sandcastle, but you can copy/paste the code and it should work in any application that uses Cesium.

Have you read the Cesium Up and Running tutorial? This shows you how to start your own application outside of Sandcastle.



Thanks very much for your reply.I As you said, have copied the code in my file (you know ,click the top button and I saved the demo in my computer with the path"“Apps/Sandcastle/gallery/hide and show entity.html”,),but it doesn’t work.While,if I save other demos in this way,they performance well. I don’t know why,but someone in this forum told,the property ‘parent’ for an entity collection seems performance not so good.
What i want do is to control multiple labels’ show/hide at once by 'parent ',not by iteration,just like the demo "Hide and show ".

Thanks a million again!

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