Show asset owner


I am listing my Cesium assets that I fetch via the API. I need to know which ones I can delete and which not. Eg. I am not able to delete the “Bing Maps Aerial” asset (ID 2). Unfortunately currently that information is not shown in the response.

Is there an additional parameter I could use to get more information in the response? Or is there a fixed id range for Asset Depot assets and user generated assets (as a workaround)?

Hello - The API currently produces a documented error when trying to delete Asset Depot assets. See Ion REST API documentation – Cesium.

I think your suggestion is a valid one, and we’ll open an issue to address the behavior in the next API update.

The best was to handle it as a workaround is to catch the 401 error code.

Note: In circumstances where your access token is limited to specific assets, trying to delete other assets not included in the access token, even those owned by you, will result in a 401 error. That is essentially the behavior that extends to the Asset Depot assets.