Models not being deleted

I have an issue with cesium returning the incorrect information when calling GET /v1/assets, aka list assets. It responds normally with my response, however, there are more assets in the response than are in my object library. I figured out that these objects had already been deleted by me. However, it seems like the API database and the ION database are different, or that the ION dashboard is filtering out deleted objects?

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I just tried this and I’m not able to reproduce. What status appears on the items that are returned from the API that are supposed to be deleted? Can you tell me the asset ID of one of these assets that are deleted but still appearing in the response?

Yeah, I figured it out on my own. They were old models that were still pending uploads. Is there any way to delete pending uploads?

I think deleting them like any job (through the REST API) should work. Did that not work for you?