Issues migrating between accounts


I have the problem that I have to switch from one account to another. Doing this mid-project kinda sucks…
My project works fine, using the old account with the old data. There is a problem with a model however.

When I use the new account, the model just flashes up for a brief second, before the world loads and then it disappears. I reuploaded the model to check, if thats the problem.

Now I checked the bounding Sphere of all three models (old account, new account 1st upload, new account 2nd upload).

It turns out, that they are all different. Not only in the position, but also in the radius. Now I am not sure, if this is connected to the problem of the disappearing model. If you have any insight in how to fix this, please let me know

Thanks in Advance,

RE: I wasnt sure, whether to post this in the Ion forum or the JS forum, because its connected to both…

Hi, I moved this to CesiumJS because it does sound more like a client side issue. Sorry for the delay in reply. Were you able to figure out the problem? If not, can you share some additional details and possibly the asset ids of the data so we can look at it?

A minimal Sandcastle code example is usually the most helpful way to help us identify what a CesiumJS issue may be. Thanks!