Uploading assets

Why is it that after uploading some assets successfully, they dont show up to import in ion? Ive tried a couple of different formats now yet still nothing.
Heres an asset: 1595514

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Can you explain what you mean by “don’t show up on import”? I can see the conversion to glTF succeeded and the data is in your account.

I did notice the models are very tiny (geographically) is that expected? There could be an issue with incredibly small models in the preview window.

Assuming it’s the preview window you are referencing, what happens when you use the Open complete code example link on the right side under the sample code for the preview?



Hi Matt,

This is my issue, here I can upload my asset and see it in my library as highlighted…

But when I try to import the same asset into my ion project it doesnt show up in the list…

Is there something Im missing?

I just came to the forums to post the exact same issue… My asset is 1599513… it doesn’t show when I try and add to a Cesium Story after I uploaded (I’ve selected to convert to glTF).

Actually, no glTF models I’ve uploaded are visible to add to Cesium Stories, yet it seems like it should be possible (3D Models – Cesium)

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, Cesium Stories does not currently support glTF models. You create a 3D Tiles tileset instead and that will work.

I have linked this post with our internal issue to track this feature so if we ever add the ability to load glTF models in Stories, we will update this issue to let everyone know.

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Okay thanks for clarifying