Blender Model to Cesium workflow , and display

Hi, I’m trying to insert the model ,textured nicely in blender (a wooden - solar carport), into my point cloud environment. BTW cesium handles my 115M pointcoud like champ.
But the model…

I found that only format that work with textures is glb. all other lose textures

Then if I add it in main asset window as a model it will not show in the stories for some reason as asset. only 3d tiles show there.
Ok I can add it as terrain and it then displays with flat shading.

If I upload it directly in the story I can do it as a 3d model, and the very same file then renders completly diffrent, Very dark? Why ? is there a way to control lighting here?

And when in shows on the main asset list it listed as a 3d tile not a model.
The one added as a model is not showing up in the stores asset list.

What is the correct way of adding a simple model to the story?

Many thanks for some explanations.


If I understand correctly you are trying to place a 3d model of a carport in Cesium stories and are having trouble with several aspects

  • textures not applying to some source formats
  • model appears different depending on if it was uploaded as 3D Model or 3D Capture

Is that correct?

Are you able to provide an asset id for the non-glb asset that failed to have the textures applied? That will allow us to further investigate the issue.

Using the different settings can result in different output because the data may be processed differently. There is not currently a way to adjust the lighting in stories

Tiling the data as 3D tiles to add it to Stories is the correct way. Stories currently only supports adding geo-referenced data and the tile as glTF option does not create an asset that can be geo-referenced.


Assets ID are ion the screenshot 2550106, 255098 255095
Both models are textured just one is super dark , and seems to have some specular highlight’s on it.

Assets 2550106, 2550098 and 2550095 were all GLB sources. You had mentioned that GLB was the only source that preserved textures. Did you have asset ids for the non-GLB source assets that lost the textures?

Tiling with the 3D Model setting (the one that would be the most optimized for this type of data) creates a tileset that matches the behavior in other viewers. The wood portion is very dark when viewed at an angle but bright viewed straight on. Looks like it has a high metallic value for the material property.



yep, that was it when you load model as model and not as terrain it will render material in more advanced mode and take into account the metalic shine that I left there by accident as I know s… about blender, I’m GIS specialist :))