Looking for tips on texture

Hi all,

I have some OBJ files that I exported from Blender. This OBJ files were originally Geotiff files with DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data that I imported to blender and then exported as OBJ files. I’m using them to represent the sea floor.

After reading the documentation I’m a bit confused on how I should add a texture/material to it. I’ve tried creating a material on Blender and importing the .obj and .mtl files to cesium but I still see it without the material I want. While I debug this I want to explore other ways I could change how my .obj looks so that the differences in elevation are more "visible) (I don’t want to use Z exaggeration)

Thank you!

edit: I forgot to say that I’m importing this .obj to cesium ION as 3D Tiles

Welcome to the Cesium community @goontars!

The easiest way to get your DEM into CesiumJS is to upload the original GeoTIFF file to Cesium ion (https://cesium.com/ion).

If you have an OBJ with an MTL file (and the associated PNG or JPEG textures?) and you upload that all to Cesium ion, that should work too, but you’ll need to manually geolocate it to the right place on the globe. If that’s not working, let us know the asset ID and we can debug that on our end.