Losing texture details in CesiumJS

I generated an OBJ and MTL from a blender file. I used Cesium Ion to generate a 3DTileSet by uploading both files along with all .jpg image files for textures. However, in CesiumJS we seem to lose all details of the textures and just see a solid color no matter how close we zoom in. If you zoom in clkose enough, you can see blury lines of the image but nothing close to the actual thing.

The asset id is 2300834 … and we would really appreciate any help we can get with that.

Hi there,

I’ve moved your post to the Cesium ion category since this may be a tiling issue.


Can you provide some screenshots and context as to what area you are seeing issues with? That will help us better understand the problem and investigate the issue.

Are you able to open the OBJ in another viewer to validate the OBJ is correctly exported? That will help determine if it an issue with the Blender export or the Cesium import.

When I opened the file it Meshlab it did report a missing airport_runway_s.jpg texture. Is this possibly the area that isn’t appearing textured correctly?