3D Capture tiles don't apply texture image file (grey model)

Hey guys, nice new forum - looks like it will be a great resource. I’ve dug around the forum but haven’t found anybody reporting the same issue.
I have a 3D photogrammetry model (obj) and a texture file (png). I’ve given them the same filename, zipped them and uploaded that zip to S3. I’ve added the zip file as an asset. It successfully tiles. I’ve assigned it a ‘tileset location’. But the texture file is not being correctly associated with the model. The 3D model appears grey in the preview pane (snip attached). My guess is there’s I’m thinking there may be something wrong with my texture file or Cesium is not assoicating the texture file with the tiles.
Asset ID: 114358

https://github.com/CesiumGS/obj2gltf/issues/102 may be of use

Hey Russell. Cheers but I’ve tried this in a lot of formats now:
obj+png (Texture not being applied - grey colour as above, Asset ID 114358)
fbx+png (Fails to tile: asset ID:114828)
glb+jpg (Fails to tile: asset ID: 114411)
glb with embedded texture - (Fails to tile: asset ID: 114407)

From the above, you can see that the only data that came close was the obj+png though you can’t see the texture/imagery.

Hey @donohue.gavin! Would you be able to upload the asset directly to Cesium ion and let us know the asset ID? Or otherwise you can privately message me temporary read-only S3 credentials so we can debug it.

You need to also upload the associated .mtl file. This is the file which the obj file uses to reference the texture(s).

Also, in your original post you write “I’ve given them the same filename, zipped them and uploaded that zip to S3”
You can’t just rename the texture file without also modifying the .mtl file contents.


Yes Adrian, indeed you are correct.
An update to this error:
As Adrian said, I should have also been uploading an mtl file with my obj file. I didn’t get to try to this option yet. Adrian is also correct to say I should not have renamed my files. This was a blunder on my part.
In the end, we were able to get our glb version working with the help of Omar. Turns out there was an issue with an update to the tiler. Omar was able to tile our model with an older version of the tiling engine. Perhaps this issue has since been fixed.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

Thanks for updating this thread Gavin!

It was indeed a bug on our end that was also reported here: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium-ion-community/issues/324 and has since been fixed and deployed.