show satellite's cartographic coordinates in real-time

I’ve visualize several satellites with .czml format. But I wanna know how to show the satellite’s position values with mousemove?

The Cesium code exmple shows how to show the real-time position values when the mouse moves on the ellipsoid earth. But the satellite is always flying overhead the earth.

So what should I do if I want to show the real-time position values of satellites?

Thanks for any help.


Hello Erin,

See our picking demo for how to pick an entity:

Then once you have the entity, you can get the position at the current time with var cartesian3 = entity.position.getValue(viewer.clock.currentTime);

Then you can convert it to a cartographic with viewer.scene.globe.ellipsoid.cartesianToCartographic(cartesian3);

Let me know if you’re having trouble and I can put together a code example.



Hi, Pinkos,
Thanks very much for your timely reply. I’m really appreciated your kindness.

Good day.

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