CZML - Current Satellite Position

I have a time dynamic CZML Data Source that describes a satellite orbit and also the satellite position.

The satellite position changes over time. I’m using a clock and updating the current time each second. Everything is working great and the satellite is moving along its orbit

I would like to show the current satellite position in the description and also the velocity and direction (if possible).
Is there any way I can achieve this using the CZML? Any help would be appreciated.

Are these values already known? If so, you should be able to just add them to the scene, either as a label text or as an HTML div on top of the canvas.

If you’re asking how you can get these values, you can usually get them from the entity. The position would be:



CesiumJS can automatically compute the velocity for you. You just need to create a VelocityVectorProperty (see and give it the entity.position as input, and make sure normalize is false so you can get the magnitude of the velocity vector.

This sounds like a cool project - will it be publicly available?

Hi Omar,

Thanks for the help, I will try to follow those suggestions.

I’m actually using Resium (React Wrapper for Cesium) -
This is just a small component of the whole project, but I can think about making this part publicly available.

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