Show your work on the Cesium website


There’s a lot of great projects in development using Cesium. We’re creating a section on the Cesium website to let developers show off these projects. For example, here is a page for the Santa tracker:

If you developed something using Cesium that you’d like to show, please email me - Ideally, we’d like to host or link to a live demo, but we’re also happy with a short write-up, video, and screenshots like we did for the Santa tracker.

This is a win-win in that your project gets exposure and Cesium gets showcases.



To answer a commonly asked question about what exactly we’re looking for in a showcase, the Santa tracker page is a good example. Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • A few paragraphs on the app you built with Cesium and the Cesium features used. Linking to your company’s website is OK.
  • Screenshots with tool tips.
  • Preferable a live demo (we can probably host it or include it from your server). A video is OK if a live demo isn’t feasible.
  • Links to more information.
    If you provide the above, we’ll do all the HTML and web publishing stuff.