Showcase your work

We want to see what you’re building with Cesium. What should you include?

  • Put your app title in the “new topic”
  • Tell us about your use case and how you’re using Cesium
    • We’re all in different industries, so be sure to explain the needs you face
    • What Cesium features are you using? Are you using 3D Tiles?
    • Did you migrate from another globe engine? What was your experience like?
    • If this is a professional project, tell us about your company
  • Include some screenshots of your app in all its glory
    • Note: If you’re new to the Cesium Community forum, you’ll only be able to include 1 image. If you spend some time reading other posts, you’ll graduate to Trust Level 1 and should be able to include more.
    • We also welcome links to video
  • Include a link to the app if it’s publicly available