I wanted know if Cesium has an API that handles camera skew?


I want to create application that the camera is steady at one position, but changes the look angle(skew).

**Thanks. **

If I understand you correctly, then yes, you can alter the camera angle while keeping its position constant. You might be interested in the camera “look”, “twist” and “rotate” functions described here:

Let me know if that helps. What kind of application are you making?


No this is what I am looking for, Just came across an API that might help:



Still facing this question, I will explain in more details.
I need to set the camera to look, at a certain perspective, on a location with an asymmetric frustum.

Is there a way to define asymmetric frustum?

I haven’t done this before, but I think in theory you should be able to with minimal change to the source code. I think you’d need to define a custom frustrum, here is how the default one is defined:

This is where the Scene initializes the new camera:

I think you’ll need to add an option there to allow it to pass a custom frustum, so that it would use it here instead of the default one:


I hope that helps. I’d love to know what kind of application you’re building with this that requires an asymmetric frustum. If it’s something others can use as well it might be someting that CesiumJS could expose.