Slope calculation is not same as GE

Good day!

I understand CESIUM returns Height Above Ellipsoid where as GE used to return MSL altitude. Slope calculation we use in our application is (Altitude difference between from Point to Point B)/(Distance between Point A to Point B), as now there is difference of altitude values slope factor is not same as what we used to have.

I was wondering is any there any better way to get the slope factor calculated on cesiumjs.
Also is there any API available to get GEOID Altitude which can be invoked by application and frame the MSL altitude = HAE+GEOID Altitude.

Any help is appreciated. TIA.

Shiva Kumar.

Hi Shiva,

Sorry, I don’t know of anything that will help convert ellipsoid height to MSL altitude


Thanks Hanna. Would you have any Idea how to get Slope factor between two Points on a Map using CESIUM.