Smooth zoom with mouse wheel

Hi, is there any way to make the zoom smooth when using the mouse wheel

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This request is currently being tracked in Zooming with the mouse wheel is jumpy · Issue #4537 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub. It would be possible to implement some inertia with the zoom so that the mouse wheel zooms in and out smoothly.

I’ve tried using “inertiaZoom” to reproduce smooth zoom, but nothing happens when changing. Here is the link to sandCastle Cesium Sandcastle

Thanks for trying, but this would require a change in the CesiumJS library itself.

We are happy to review a PR if you’re interested in contributing a fix! Without the fix, you will need to write custom camera behavior the handle the mouse wheel.

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I hope this function can also be realized in scrolling zoom!

This is an interesting issue, I can see the ‘jumpiness’ with a traditional scrollwheel mouse, but with an Apple Magic Mouse (no scrollwheel, but a multi-touch surface) zooming is super-smooth. That indicates the jumpiness is not caused by Cesium, but rather by the mouse hardware itself. I wonder then what change would be required in Cesium. Obviously you can’t just tell everyone to buy a Magic Mouse, but still…

For a touchbar, cesium has a smooth zoom. The Apple Magic Mouse is a hybrid of a mouse and a touchpad, so camera movements are smooth. In other words, the Apple Mouse is an unconventional mouse.