Smoother globe zoom & rotation


are there configuration options that yield a level smoothness for zooming and rotating the globe that is comparable to WebGL Globe ( I tried to play around with some of the options in ScreenSpaceCameraController but I was not able to achieve the desired results.


You can try Cesium.Viewer.targetFrameRate

Thank you for your answer!

I tried setting it to 60 and 120 but it did not make any difference.
I did some FPS measurements with the chrome developer tools:
WebGL Globe ~ 32 FPS
Cesium Globe ~ 25 FPS

So there is not so much difference but the handling and usability of the WebGL Globe feels way better. Maybe they are calculating the movements differently?

Maybe you already know but in case you don’t, zooming by right click + drag is much smoother than using scroll wheel. Besides I’ve noticed that it’s much smoother in chrome rather than firefox, maybe chrome has better webgl support?

I'm curious, if the globe can behave like this wonderfull widget:

Smoother probably little delayed rotation, auto rotation when released button, inertia.

I'm planning to create something similiar with clickable planes on 3d cyllinders to mark places I visited on my journeys. I hope it will be possible with cesium.
Maybe someone here could help me to create it based on cesium engine?

The globe does currently have the same kind of inertia, if you rotate and let go it’ll keep spinning for a bit:

And you can actually control the inertia here:

The good news is that you can override all the default camera controls, this tutorial talks a bit about it:

Another approach might be to try reading through how the current camera works to modify the values that aren’t exposed. I’d start with ScreenSpaceCameraController to see how it works:

If you find any good tips on making it smoother, I’d be very interested in seeing your results! It’s definitely something we’ve done a lot to improve over the years.