Solved** Applying Occlusion to Cesium Building OSM Data for AR


has anyone figured out how to apply occlusion material to Cesium OSM building and terrain data for AR applications?

I’m not sure what you mean by “occlusion material”. Occlusion culling? Ambient occlusion? Something else?

We want use the Cesium data as a masking layer for use in AR outdoors.

Sorry, I still don’t understand. What does it mean to use Cesium data as a “masking layer”?

Ill capture a video this week!

We plugged cesium into the Magic Leap 2 and are using it in AR - we want the Cesium models to overlay ontop of the real world to use as a “mask” for AR content to hide and cut into the real world buildings and terrain.

We got it! check this out!

That video looks really cool, @Geopogo. But I can’t quite tell if you’re saying everything is working perfectly (in which case we’d love if you could share what you did), or if you still have a problem that needs solving.

hey !
sorry but I didn’t find a solution to get this to work in AR/unity/urp…no occlusion…
is there somewhere an exemple in shadergraph I could follow to get it work ?