Cesium Google Maps Hide Some Selected buildings


I have followed this tutorial on integrating google maps with cesium on Nvidia Omniverse Create - https://cesium.com/learn/omniverse/omniverse-photorealistic-3d-tiles/

Wish to understand if there is a way to hide some of the buildings from the cesium tileset. If possible, request you to share an example w.r.t hiding of a building from google maps.




Hi Ratan,

This isn’t possible yet but it’s a common feature request. We’re tracking one possible approach in Tileset clipping support · Issue #156 · CesiumGS/cesium-omniverse · GitHub.

Could you describe your use case in a bit more detail just so we have the requirements right? Would clipping be sufficient or are you looking for a different approach?


Based on your response, here is what we are trying to do. We wish to delete some of the photogrammetry buildings like the green rectangles ( an example say) marked below in the screenshot. Hope this provides more insights and will help you respond to our query from the thread below.



Hi Ratan,

For your use case, is it to replace the existing building with a proposed architectural design, or another requirement? If you could share some information about the need for removing the existing building, this will help provide input into potential solutions on our roadmap.

I really would love to the same. I have to replace the tower with another one like this.

Here Im using Unreal/Cesium but having some issues with the shadows

Hi @LucianoDaluz,

So that we can better inform our Omniverse use cases, are you currently using the clipping functionality within Cesium for Unreal? If so, is that allowing you to achieve what you need?

Yeah it is working.

May I ask if there are any updates to this solution? I’m using CesiumJS, neither unity nor unreal. If its in the list of pending feature could someone share an expected date of release?

My use case is the same. I wish to replace buildings from Google’s photorealistic API for a few of my own buildings in my city, mainly because I want those buildings to:

  1. Be more interactive (selectable, can see interiors etc)
  2. Be more updated because the buildings built arent updated in the Google’s source yet.

Thank you.

Hi @denewbie - if you’re using CesiumJS you might want to ask on the CesiumJS board: CesiumJS - Cesium Community

The update from the Cesium for Omniverse side is that once #406 is merged a custom tileset material can be used to clip out sections with an alpha mask texture. We’ll be putting out a tutorial for how to do this.


I am working on a digital twin project using Cesium JS and Cesium Unity.

We need to develop a system to make buildings disappear on the Google Map Tiles Layer. Is it already possible with the « clipping planes » feature ?

If not, when this will be available ?
If yes, how could we do it ?

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


Hi @Dylang - for Cesium for Unity, see this forum post: How to cut a hole in Unity just like "ClippingPlaneCollection" in CesiumJS

Hi @sean_lilley,
Is it possible to do what Dylan Ask but with Cesium JS : “We need to develop a system to make buildings disappear on the Google Map Tiles Layer. Is it already possible with the « clipping planes » feature ?”

Thanks a lot for your help,

@Victor_WIREDTeam yes that should be possible in CesiumJS with ClippingPlaneCollection. The CesiumJS team is also working on streamlining this workflow by adding clipping polygons.

@sean_lilley Nice ! We will try it then. Thanks :slight_smile:

@sean_lilley just to be sure it’s possible before taking time to try to do it, I’m talking about the realistic 3D tile layer of Google Maps. Is it supposed to work too? thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it should work. Terrain Clipping Planes is probably the closest example, but the ClippingPlaneCollection would need to be added to the tileset instead of the globe. If you have any more questions, let’s move this to the CesiumJS Forum.

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