Clipping OSM buildings, setting up tiles to be loaded locally


Question#1. Is it possible to hide/remove particular OSM buildings? I have attempted to use the polygon component, however, it is throwing a warning saying its currently only compatible with the ground tileset. Any other way of hiding/removing particular buildings from showing within the OSM dataset?

Question#2. We have numerous photogrammetry models. Instead of pushing this to ION which would be pretty heavy in terms of size, is it possible to load these locally? I followed the tutorial that loads in tiles locally, which seems to work great. However, that example came with the .json and all required files already. How can I replicate this with my own models? I would have thought that by uploading and setting the model up on ION, it would have been convenient if there was a download function, which would output the appropriate files to be loaded from local/network server.

Any input on these two would be much appreciated. Amazing plugin, we are testing it right now to see if it meets our needs :slight_smile: