Clipping OSM buildings, setting up tiles to be loaded locally


Question#1. Is it possible to hide/remove particular OSM buildings? I have attempted to use the polygon component, however, it is throwing a warning saying its currently only compatible with the ground tileset. Any other way of hiding/removing particular buildings from showing within the OSM dataset?

Question#2. We have numerous photogrammetry models. Instead of pushing this to ION which would be pretty heavy in terms of size, is it possible to load these locally? I followed the tutorial that loads in tiles locally, which seems to work great. However, that example came with the .json and all required files already. How can I replicate this with my own models? I would have thought that by uploading and setting the model up on ION, it would have been convenient if there was a download function, which would output the appropriate files to be loaded from local/network server.

Any input on these two would be much appreciated. Amazing plugin, we are testing it right now to see if it meets our needs :slight_smile:

Hi @Norbi,

As of the most recent Cesium for Unreal update, clipping with the Cartographic Polygon actor is now compatible with OSM buildings and other tilesets. If you update your version of the plugin, this should be available for you.

For question #2, we currently do not allow for downloads from Cesium ion. If you’re interested in using the Cesium ion tiling pipeline to produce files in your local environment, contact the sales team to find the right solution.