How hide OSM buildings, like done in CESIUM JS


congrats to the relase of the plugin, it’s an awesome piece of work! And the fast rendering and multithreading makes it really useable!

I have one request for a features

• Hide OSM buildings

In the Cesium JS tutorial “Visualize a Proposed Building…” there is a way to hide OSM buildings at the locations where I set custom buildings directly in Unreal in a sublevel or via a new 3DTile uploaded in Ion. We need this for Unreal, too. Or is there already a way?

Thanks & best,

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Hi Andreas

Thanks for the kind words and we can’t wait to see what you produce with it.

The ability to hide/remove content from Cesium for Unreal is an important feature on the roadmap. As users like yourself want to augment the data that is streamed with your own content, whether that is the size of cities, or a single tree.

As this is such an important and useful feature, we want to make sure that this is done well both from an engineering and usability point of view. So we excluded it from the initial release and we’ll be working on it over the next few releases.

You’ll definitely see GitHub issues opening up, so be sure to chime in!


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Any update on this?
Someone mentioned this to me in today’s webinar chat…
“OSM buildings can be culled out with “Exclusion Zones” which were added in a recent release…”
Can someone please confirm this and how we do this?




The current status of this feature can be tracked here - Clipping 2.5d by nithinp7 · Pull Request #446 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

Exclusion zones are a temporary feature that will be replaced with the above when the feature is complete.