Speed load data in 3D

I am doing a test on the load of a geojson and I come some problems.

Loading time is aprox 5 second in cesium and my geojson is 13MB (It is not very big).If I compare it with other libraries such as openlayers, the loading time is 1 second, obiusly I think that Cesium need make other calculations related to terrain etc etc.

I have tried Cesium Ion but it is not a 3d model and it does not improve the load.

My question is whether there is a strategy for loading the data more faster. Using another format, creating your own class?using Ion?


Long term, adding support for a vector format in 3D Tiles would significantly speed up loading large vector data like this.

In the meantime, you can try profiling your application to determine where the bottleneck is here. Is your GeoJSON clamped to terrain? Are you able to simplify the polygons to use less vertices, does that make a difference in load time?

Yes, I Know, Vector tiles is the solution.

I will have to investigate a little more and see if I can simplify the geometries for example.

Thank you very much for the answer