strange effect with displaying building entities

Hi everyone,

the effect I will write about, is appearing when I’ve just loaded the landing page of my web application. The situation is that tiles are loaded, and all entities are displayed. Default scenmode is 3D but the camera looks straight to the bottom. At thie momemt the following effect is displayed.

That is wrong, it has to be displayes this way:

The effect is not alway appearing but most times when I request the landing page. What could cause this fault, and how could I avoid that.

Cesium Version 1.62, OS: Linux Ubuntu.

Thanks a lot in advance


Are you able to recreate this issue on Sandcastle ( ? If so, can you send me a link to an example I can run there (you can click the “share” button in the top to get a shareable link).

Is this a 3D Tileset, or are these glTF models you’re loading in?