Styling Composite 3D Tiles format

Hi Cesium-Team,

I've recently got a 3D-Tiles dataset in Composite data format (.cmpt) which comprises a mix of textured batched 3D models and a number of vector point and line geometries.

Now i want to load the 3D-Tiles dataset into my Cesium-App and render all line geometires with red color and all point geometries with blue color. In the meantime, the textures of all batched 3D models should be rendered as they are. Is there a simple way to realize this? maybe 3D Tiles Styling language?

many thanks in advance,


Hey Zhihang,

So I just looked into this, and it turns out there’s no built in variable that you can use to check this. But it’s a very good idea - so I opened a feature request for that:

For now, the easiest workaround I can think of is to add your own type metadata in the batch table to each feature and then you’ll be able to use that to style conditionally, in the same way id is used to style different features here:

I hope this helps!

If you don’t mind sharing, what are you building with Cesium?

Hi Omar,

thank you very much for the helpful answer. This workaround solution is nice.
It would be really cool if the "Styling by Type" could be supported by Cesium in the future release

best regards,