Support for running on x86-64 Android(Magic Leap 2)?

I’m able to build the Cesium for Unity Sample Project to a Magic Leap 2, but Cesium will not load the map on the device, it throws the following error:

NotImplementedException: The native implementation is missing so Update cannot be invoked. This may be caused by a missing call to CreateImplementation in one of your constructors, or it may be that the entire native implementation shared library is missing or out of date.

Is support for x86-64 Android on the roadmap, or at the very least a temporary work around for this specific issue?

That error indicates that the native code is missing, because we don’t include built binaries for Android on x86-64, mostly because we don’t have any such devices ourselves. There shouldn’t be an major barriers to building on that platform, though, by following the developer instructions:

Hey @Kevin_Ring ,

Thank you for the quick response. I didn’t have much luck with the linked documentation, but I did see that you recently created a PR for supporting Android x86_64. I went ahead and pulled that code to attempt a build. The build does fail, though seems to be on the right track. I’ve attached the build log. Please let me know if I can provide anymore information. Thank you for the support!

Matt (3.5 KB)

Looks like you’re missing the changes in the tinyxml2 submodule. Run git submodule update --init --recursive, then delete all your build directories and try again.

Or, you can just download the pre-built package from our CI system. Go here:

Download the Combined Package, extract the .tgz file from it, and install it using the Unity Package Manager.


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Running the submodule update command was all it needed, Cesium now builds and runs on the Magic Leap 2, thank you!



That’s great, thanks for letting us know!