Native implementation shared library is missing or out of date

when I try it on android I get many errors.

2024/03/21 19:30:37.077 14775 14848 Error Unity NotImplementedException: The native implementation is missing so OnEnable cannot be invoked. This may be caused by a missing call to CreateImplementation in one of your constructors, or it may be that the entire native implementation shared library is missing or out of date.

how do I fix?

Hi @gaz,

Can you please share more information with us? In particular,

  • What versions of the Unity Editor and the Cesium for Unity package are you using?
  • Are you using the package from the scoped registry? Or are you building the source code directly from Github?
  • What is the scene that you’re trying to build? Sharing a screenshot of your Scene Hierarchy would be helpful.
  • Do these same errors happen if you try to build the Cesium for Unity Samples project?

These answers are necessary for us to troubleshoot your issue, so the more detail the better. Thank you!