Support for Tile Gutters / Workaround for WMS Edge Mismatches?


When using a WebMapServiceImageryProvider to load a WMS layer, certain symbols or text labels can become chopped off around tile edges, resulting in half-drawn graphics.


This of course can be solved on the server side (e.g. GeoServer metatiling or GeoWebCache gutters), but is there a workaround in Cesium for services that don’t support those features? I’m looking for something similar to the OpenLayers 3 ol.source.TileWMS ‘gutter’ option.

Is there any supported functionality that would solve this issue, or any potential workarounds that don’t require a massive effort to implement?



Hello Jason,

We currently do not have a gutter option for our tile providers. Is that something that is common for WMS services?

Sorry, I don’t have a good work around. This is something you would need to resolve in the tile server. I’m not sure of the exact details, but I have a feeling we would need to make significant code changes to support this.



Thanks Hannah. It is definitely a common problem when requesting tiles from WMS sources, but I’m not sure how common the client-side solution is. OpenLayers implements the best workaround I’ve seen. The only other way to reduce the impact would be to increase tile size, which of course comes with trade-offs.

I will see if I can solve the issue using an intermediate GeoWebCache proxy.