What other Tile Providers are people working on? I’m interested in an OGC WMS Tile Provider and may start putting one together if no one has started?


Tom, tfili@agi.com, is working on one now. He hasn’t pushed anything yet though. Touch base with him as I’m sure he’s open to collaborating.



I have started putting one together. I have a wms branch off of cesium. Right now it has a class (WebMapServiceCapabilities) to read the capabilities file. I should have the tile provider in within a few days. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Just tested your May 4 commits, works great, I have a local GeoServer running on the same machine, but when I add localhost:9000 to the proxy hostAllowed list, it still complains about the machine not being found. Does the proxy client support that type of interaction (same machine bu t on different port)?



If you just add localhost (not localhost:9000) to the build.xml file that should work. It actually makes sense to have this in there, so I’ve added it in the wms branch. Let me know if you have anymore problems with it.

The getCapabilities worked correctly except that the content was changed for some of the onlineResource xml. Instead of the localhost:9000 xlink:hrefs, they were changed to localhost:80. I think it may be a side effect of using the proxy. As a result, I can never get the actual WMS images.

Have you tried to access the capabilities file directly from the browser? To access it, it should just be the URL you provide to the TileProvider with “?SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1” appended to it. Does the content differ with the content provided when going through the proxy?

Our proxy doesn’t rewrite any content so it is serving it out just as the server supplied it, so I’m not sure why the server would be producing different content only when going through the proxy.

yes, direct link was okay for content. i was still getting different content for the xlink using proxy. I ended up just moving geoserver to port 80 and it works fine now.