Supporting webpack integration

We now have an officially supported repository containing the recommended configuration for integrating Cesium in a webpack application, as well a tutorial and other support. Find it all here:

Looks good!

If you want, you can use our library to make examples as well:

You can just install it from npm, or just add a tag to use the CDN version:

If you guys want to go that direction, would be happy to help.


Hi TJ,

We ultimately went with using the Cesium source rather than a single file so the developer could improve bundle size by including only specific modules, and would have control over the webpack configuration to add any additional performance tweaks or development preferences.



Definitely a good option to allow for users to adjust according to use case.

Just FYI, all webpack-cesium is just base cesium packed up.

You might want to add the option to do single-file to make it easier for developers to use it without a server, or even host it like Google Maps.