Temperature style / material on a 3D Tileset

Hi all,

We are wondering if Cesium allows to do something similar as in https://sandcastle.cesium.com/?src=Globe%20Materials.html, but with the difference that:

  • The color is defined by an extra attribute (in our case temperature at a given place on the surface)
  • Not on the terrain, but on a 3D tileset with a surface

The final goal would be to achieve something similar like this:

This is a geologic layer, the colors represent the temperatures at the given places on the layer. F.e. the temperatures are higher (orange/red) in the depressions on the bottom border of this view.

Thanks for any ideas / help / feedback!


You can change the color based on an attribute with the style variable of a Cesium3DTileset. For more information on this, please check out the documentation: https://cesium.com/docs/cesiumjs-ref-doc/Cesium3DTileset.html?classFilter=tile#style

What kind of data is the geologic layer? Is it point cloud tileset?


Thanks a lot for your answer.

This case here is a bit different: My tileset has 1 object (1 3D TIN surface, the original data is DXF), and I would like to style it with a continuous color scale based on attributes that are on each vertex of the original TIN data.

So, it’s not about styling discrete values based on attributes per object, but within an object.

Any ideas, hints and help welcome!