Terrain file from CartoDEM for cesium

Dear All

I am trying to create the .terrain file from CartoDEM, so that it can be added to Cesium 3D.
Does any one can help me to create .terrain file from .tif or .img.
Is there any way to create user specific terrain file by giving height info.



I don’t know much about CartoDEM. Can you point me to a link?

In any case, you can probably transform it to a form usable with Cesium using GDAL tools. Check here for an active discussion of how to do that:


As I’ve mentioned before, AGI plans to eventually offer a product to make this sort of thing really easy.


Thanks kevin

I am interested in making .terrain file from user specified DEM, cartoDEM is one of the available DEM on http://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in