Terrain from a server

Hi Cesium Team,

I am trying to load terrain from a different server than Cesium Ion.

After settings a custom URL for the Terrain I am getting weird results. The Imagery applied over the terrain is distorted and also I am getting these errors (a lot of them):

LogCesium: Warning: Too many raster overlays

ogPhysicsCore: Error: PHYSX: (/Volumes/Work/Perforce/UE4/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/PhysX3/PhysX_3.4/Source/PhysXCooking/src/mesh/TriangleMeshBuilder.cpp 802) eINVALID_PARAMETER : TriangleMesh::loadFromDesc: desc.isValid() failed!

Is there a way how to use raster tiles from a different source than Ion? It seems there is no way of changing the source of the applied imagery on the terrain.

I am aware of this thread, I just don’t understand this recommendation:

what do you mean by tile’s content? The quantized mesh file?

I am not sure what is wrong since the terrain is displayed correctly in CesiumJS with the same terrain source. https://cloud.maptiler.com/tiles/terrain-quantized-mesh/cesium-terrain. Here is the source for layer.json.

Kind Regards


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It may be a bug. I’ve created an issue for it here - Stretched imagery when loading from local server · Issue #561 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

If you have any further information, please add it here or on the issue, and we’ll look in to resolving it.

Please see this post for an update on this issue. Essentially, it seems to be an issue with the tool used to generate the dataset. You may want to consider hosting and tiling the data through Cesium ion.