Terrain tile doesn't exist

I created a new terrain provider by merging a custom terrain file (GeoTiff source) with cesium World terrain.

When using this new terrain provider, I recieve the following error:

An error occurred in "CesiumTerrainProvider": Failed to obtain terrain tile X: 3985 Y: 780 Level: 12. Error message: "RuntimeError: Terrain tile doesn't exist Error at new RuntimeError (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:7111:13) at requestTileGeometry$1 (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:47681:29) at CesiumTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:47676:12) at doRequest (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:313788:46) at requestTileGeometry (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:313813:5) at processTerrainStateMachine (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:313643:7) at GlobeSurfaceTile.processStateMachine (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:313317:7) at GlobeSurfaceTileProvider.loadTile (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:318625:22) at processSinglePriorityLoadQueue (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:323664:20) at processTileLoadQueue (https://localhost:4200/scripts.js:323615:26)"

I assumed Cesium Ion would add these levels in during the tiling process. Is their something that needs to be done to the source GeoTiff?

Hi Tom

Any chance you are able to share a sandcastle for us to check out? Feel free to DM me.

There is a chance that it the tiling worked correctly and these are noisy errors. The Sandcastle will help us confirm.

Shehzan Mohammed

thanks @Shehzan_Mohammed, I’ll DM you just to hide my token etc