Terrain tiles shake when moving

I tried to flatten the earth, and I did.Unfortunately, when I move close to the terrain tiles, the terrain tiles are shaking.But in the spherical model, there is no such problem.I would like to know if this problem occurred in the spherical model in the earlier version, can you share how you solved it?
Thank you so much

I can’t quite see what you’re referring to in your video, but from your description it sounds like classic jittering, caused by a lack of vertex transform precision. Generally this isn’t a problem as long as the origin of the coordinate system is relatively near the camera. In UE5+, it’s not a problem even when its far away because the engine uses double-precision coordinates.

However, if you’re doing some vertex transformation inside a Material, you’re necessarily doing that with 32-bit, single-precision floating point numbers. With globe-scale coordinates, that might at best give you accurate positions to about a meter. There’s probably not much you can do about this other than transform the vertices on the CPU rather than in a material. Or, better, yet, accept that the Earth is round and the geospatial community’s habit of pretending it’s flat isn’t doing anyone any good. :grinning: