Texture flickering

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What can be done to prevent 3D tile texture flickering in scene like this? https://sandcastle.cesium.com/?src=3D%20Tiles%20Interior.html
Flickering is very noticeable on camera movement.

Maybe some kind of thrid party antialiasing library could be used to solve this?

I think you’re referring to the sampling on the texture. It gets improved a lot when you zoom in, right?

This is fixed by using a mipmap sampler on the texture. We’ve recently made this fix in Cesium ion so if you create a new 3D Tileset on that it shouldn’t have this issue. If you are seeing this issue on Cesium ion let me know the asset ID and we can take a look.

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Thanks for clearing that up.
Yes, flickering stops when camera is near texture.
No, this time I’m not using Cesium Ion.

How is your 3D Tileset created?

Currently I’m using Agisoft Metashape, (“export tiled model” function) and hosting my 3DTiles on webserver.

Can you check what the sampler values used in your tiles? You would need to extract the glTFs and then look at the sampler values:

You can also try re-tiling from the source OBJ on Cesium ion to confirm that this indeed solves the issue before moving forward, since Cesium ion does set that sampler value that should fix it.

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Thanks for idea.
I have also found out that Agisoft added mipmap generation option to Metashape software.

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