The height of the camera

Regarding the height of the camera in Cesium, I’ve noticed a significant discrepancy when comparing the camera height in Cesium for Unity with other GIS software, even when the viewpoints are essentially the same. What could be the reasons for this?

My best guess is that you’re using a different Field of View angle for the camera in Unity versus the other GIS software. Which GIS sofware is it, anyway?

Google Earth

Ok, definitely check the field of view angle. You might see small differences in height (tens of meters) between Cesium and Google Earth because Cesium reports heights relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid while Google Earth may (I’m not sure offhand) report heights relative to mean sea level. But based on your screenshots, you’re seeing hundreds of meters difference, which can’t be explained by mean sea level. Keep in mind that the specified field of view angle is probably a vertical FOV, which means that different aspect ratios between the clients can make a difference, too, even if the specified angle is the same.