Timeline and csv file

I have a csv file that has a ships movements such as lat and long and time etc. Can you point me to a resource that explains how I could load this csv into cesium to view the track position at a specific given time using cesium timeline ?


My first thought would be to write a script that converts the CSV file into a CZML file. From here, the CZML file can be easily loaded into CesiumJS and used to control the position of an entity. Here is the CZML specification.

From my research, there seem to be many creative solutions to this problem. I suggest taking a look at the following threads.

In general, CSV does not seem like a practical format for this kind of data. I suggest converting your CSV file into a more CesiumJS compatible format such as CZML, geoJSON, etc. There may be resources online that can help with this conversion process. You can also create your own data pipelines if necessary.


It seems like there are various solutions, each optimized for a slightly different use case. Do other members of the community have any suggestions?


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